Add your ideas for capital funding

Exciting things are happening in Kirkendall.  Ward 1 (which includes Kirkendall) is holding a ‘participatory budgeting’ process.  This means you can have a say in what ideas get capital funding this year.  Many of you shared your ideas for how to improve Kirkendall at our Sprouting the Seeds event (see post below), and we encourage you to share those ideas on the participatory budgeting website – they might get funding!  At the same time, many of you shared your frustration with how so many decisions are made without enough input.  So this is also your chance to say that processes like this need to be more participatory by adding one common idea – Read on! We would love it if you took the following steps by END OF DAY FRIDAY:
1. Visit this website:
2. Enter your information
3. Enter two ideas you have for capital projects
4. In the space for the third idea write “support the work of Know and Grow Kirkendall”

By adding this third idea of supporting the work of Know and Grow Kirkendall, you are sending a message to City Hall that there is lots of exciting work being done at the ground level to build a community vision of how to make a neighbourhood better that involves more than a quick click.
Please share this with anyone you know who might have a good idea for Ward 1 and encourage them to take the same step and support the work of Know and Grow Kirkendall.
Thanks for taking the time to know and grow your neighbourhood!!
Pam, Chandra, Matt, Marion, Jenn, and Cathy


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